The coaching we offer involves reading something you've written and then giving you detailed feedback. We enjoy helping bloggers as much as the budding novelist; so if you have blog posts you'd like us to take a look at, that's fine. Or maybe you want to use the time to do some developmental editing on a novel. Coaching is a tailor-made service, and it's impossible to list each of the potential uses. The bottom line is if you're writing and want to improve your skills we'll help in a way which suits you.

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If you're isolated and need to talk to someone about your writing life, we can lend an ear and offer practical advice. If you've decided to self-publish, we can help you get started with social networking, building your website, and anything else related to the basics of getting you and your work out there.  

Some people like to say that insanity and creativity go hand in hand, and whilst this certainly doesn't hold true for ALL creatives, we're aware that many of you have your quirks. Many writers use their craft as a therapeutic medium and may get stuck at various stages with their writing self for any number of reasons. You may have to deal with stress in other areas of your life which could affect your output, or maybe it knocks you off-centre, causing you lose focus more easily. Excessive self-criticism or a lack of confidence are both notoriously common among creative types, and we can provide useful tools for silencing negative internal dialogue.

We conduct sessions over the phone or in person.