We work on a one-to-one basis which means our critiques are done over the phone or in person. We understand that writers are probably used to receiving their feedback on paper but feel this isn't the way we want to work. We do, however, make notes on your writing using the track changes feature in Word before the session begins so you have a rough idea of what we can discuss. We're aiming this service at writers who want to self-publish and those who may prefer a more interactive approach. 

Aspects covered include;

Plot - Is it believable (for starters)? Visible holes.

Narrator's voice - Is it consistent? Are there too many points of view? 

Character development - Are they authentic, and therefore believable?

Dialogue - Does it come across as natural?

Pace - Too much, or too little tension?

And the absolute basics;

Grammar and word choice, you know, are you starting your paragraphs in the right place, and are your chapters ending and beginning at the appropriate time, kind-of-a-thing.


1. Email us a copy of the work you would like us to critique.

2. Wait for confirmation that we've received it - we aim to respond to all requests within twenty-four hours. Please don't pay until we've agreed to take on the work and given an approximate time frame.


Up to 5000 words - Thirty minutes consultation - £60

Up to 10,000 words - Sixty minutes consultation - £90