We have our preferred genres: Science fiction, literary fiction, horror, crime, noir, and psychological thrillers. In the non-fiction arena, we cover biographies (this includes online diaries) and self-help. Tony has a background in medical, engineering, and physics. 

Copy-editing is done using the track changes feature in Microsoft Word. The work we do will address the usual elements including grammar, punctuation, correct word usage, and consistency. We offer line editing alongside at no extra cost and give suggestions on improving paragraphs and sentences. We charge £0.019 per word. 

Proofreading is the last stage before publication and is also done using the track changes feature in Word. The cost is £0.008 per word; for a 50,000 word manuscript that would be £400. There's a minimum charge of £25 for this service.

If you haven't worked with us before, We do a free thirty-minute copy-edit or fifteen minutes proofreading on your manuscript and then return it to you with a fixed quote. If we feel the manuscript could do with more attention before the edit begins, we will tell you. If you've hired us as copy-editor, the fee includes up to ninety minutes of communication after we've finished the work. You can ask questions on any suggestions made, or talk about the ideas you have regarding any changes you would like to make. The ninety minutes does not have to take place in one sitting and can be broken down into four or five sessions; it's completely up to you. Communication can take place over the phone, in person, or we can use Skype text chat or similar.  

Making Payments

Once we've agreed to work together, you can pay a deposit to book my time in advance. The balance needs to be paid the day before I start work on your manuscript. 

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