We established Hekate Publishing as an independent publishing company after deciding we wanted to retain autonomy when it came to publishing our own work. It made perfect sense that we would also offer to publish the work of those who want to maintain their own integrity as far as humanly possible. We are well aware of how it works 'out there', and we know the current system can be offensive for those of a particular disposition ~ we're different. Don't get us wrong, we need to make money to survive, but it's not ABOUT the's about being able to offer books which are honest, genuine and hand-crafted.


⬤ Which formats do you use for published works?

After researching the current state of the publishing industry we have decided to initially limit our stock to e-books, audio books, and print-on-demand paperbacks. Any books which sell a combined total of over 5000 copies with a majority of positive reviews will be considered for a print run. We have a small budget for each book we publish and expect an author to do their own marketing alongside anything we can offer, We take a supportive but realistic stance.

⬤ Do you accept unsolicited manuscripts?

Yes. We're looking for writers who would ordinarily struggle with the commercial aspects of publishing. What we mean is, we're primarily interested in writers who write because they are compelled to by an internal driving force. We're well aware that intensely creative types will often have little regard for convention which, in turn, can affect how they relate to any kind of institution. We're attempting to forego unnecessary formality so as not to exclude the outsiders, mavericks or nonconformists who are put off by the language of exclusivity that is prevalent in the mainstream of society.

We want to work with writers and their projects that we believe in. We can help with just about everything from emotional support right through to publishing. We don't offer line by line editing unless we're publishing your manuscript, but we are happy to review your writing in a general sense and accompany you through portions of the editing process. What we won't do, is put in time and effort if we do not recognize potential in the piece. It may mean we miss out on a great opportunity, but we'd be happier knowing you got to work with others who actually believed in you.

⬤ What kind of books will you publish?

Fiction and creative nonfiction. Novel length projects which are well written and smart. So, anything between 40.000 - 100.000 words is fine and we won't be splitting hairs if it's five thousand words either way.

⬤ Which genres do you accept?

It's an extensive list; for general fiction we accept horror, thriller, crime, speculative, and general fiction. Anything which falls outside of traditional genres is also okay.

In the non-fiction department we're looking for autobiographies and memoirs, intelligently written self-help, and manuscripts which rely heavily on philosophy or psychology.

⬤ So, I can send you my manuscript?

Yes and no. We only need the first three - five chapters of your work.

We accept submissions through email, or you can send us a hard copy in the post. Email submissions should be in either PDF or Word format. We don't have any preference on the paper you use but would like it to be white with black text for practical reasons. Don't send any more than fifty pages - that will be ample to give us an idea of the manuscript. If we want to see more, we'll ask for it. If you're sending through the post, please enclose an envelope and postage if you want it returned to you.

We will respond to each submission received but cannot guarantee feedback. If we like your work but feel it needs further editing; we will tell you. If you would like to re-submit after making alterations, you are free to do so.

⬤ Are your contracts standard?

If we publish your manuscript, the contract will be much the same as any other publisher. Because of the nature of the market today, we will ask for rights to publish and distribute worldwide, rather than a single country. Any other particulars are discussed at the onset, which means all contracts are tailor-made rather than fixed. We're here to offer a fair service, but we are not a charity and need to make sure that everyone benefits from the arrangement. We would never interfere with writers who wish to take their published works elsewhere if they receive an offer which is better for them. The only request would be that we didn't personally end up out of pocket for any work we do to publish your book.



HEKATE - Our general fiction imprint; includes horror, dark fantasy, and anything related to witchcraft or magic. In the non-fiction department we would like to see books on divination, alternative medicine, and intelligently written self-help.

ORPHAN PAPER - A surreal noir fiction label. People like labels as it makes them feel safe when, in fact, they're not. So think of this imprint as a downtown pool hall with its single bare incandescent bulb swinging back and forth, providing the only source of illumination.  . .

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