Defining Artists

Hekate has taken to the streets and spoken to several artists with regard to their life, work and the world in which they live. These individuals are all unique and their work ethic exemplary; when support for what they do is not assured. They define their own art as well as the relentless spirit of art through that commitment and tenacity. Their world is interactive out of necessity and they represent a form of communication within the New York community bringing their own neighborhoods and homelands into the conversation.

We begin with Lazare Sié Lazi Palé, a quintessential artist, communicator, activist and story teller from Burkina Faso.  

The artist's input is desired and sought with regard to the interviews themselves and the information presented. Hekate will clarify only when necessary. The story is told by each artist.

The artist's responses can be written or delivered verbally. If verbal, we may need to obtain permission to record the conversation for better accuracy.